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gronalpha3745 blog

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James's shooting ability is not the slightest progress in three years, two-point jumper rate of 34.8%, 28.1% 3-point shot. But it does not seem so important, when Jordan first three consecutive nike free 5.0 herre jumpers also room for further sublimation, not to mention James was 23 years old? As a remedy, James has learned to take full advantage of their physical superiority, he was frequently seen in the power forward position, over 40% of shots in the paint, shooting up 72.3 percent - enough to be pulled up his overall shooting percentage to 50% near . LeBron let unstoppable jump shot allowed at least looks not a big problem, not to mention the Knights have enough excellent jump shooter: Williams, Gibson, Zydrunas Ilgauskas and West are higher than 45% of the vote hit rate, or back singles after James broke into the inside ball no shortage of people.. WASHINGTON, May sports news (reporter Linde tough) ranked second in the Eastern and Western Miami Heat Oklahoma City Thunder team ranked first in June launched a focus of war, the result with the Big Three of excellent play, Miami away with: victory over the opponent, the core of James, Miami Heat in the fourth quarter the nose was bleeding, staged to die in the game, James injured scene scene appeared in the distance minutes and seconds left in the fourth end, when James broke into thunderous Prepare team inside flying dunk, Ibaka results generated thunderous striker physical contact, in the course of defensive arms ibaka James hit the nose, although James hit the ball, but it fell heavily to the ground, out of nosebleed sprinkled on the sidelines James then nike free 4.0 v2 herre left the field to the locker room, according to Heat coach Spoelstra has revealed James's nose swollen and still bleeding after an injury. However, according to the test results after the game, James's injury was not severe enough to concussion, the Miami Heat team after returning to his further examination. James injured in an interview after the game, James did not get a game-high points, Bosh and Wade each scoring Big Three scored points the audience together, called the terror attack James and Ibaka The confrontation is a microcosm of the market sentiment, the disparity in the score is far unable to show the intensity of the game.

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Clippers and Rockets is currently only one wins the gap, the field will be a key battle of two teams competing for the Western third. nike free run 2 herre Clippers rapid comeback after the accident had lost pelican on a war arrogate Paul 31 points and nine assists to help the group back to back successful reversal calf. The field is on schedule even off the Clippers 5 third war, led the team acquired Paul and Griffin will fight off the Timberwolves. There is very loyal fans, they have a hostile relationship Clippers, but as long as there is such a player Kobe Bryant in that environment, as a rookie, Bryant can have such a mentor, I think this will be the best choice. If nothing else Exeter Sam eloquent words, Exeter Sam will be off in front overall, so the Lakers To get him, you must ensure that the top five pick. According to the current situation continue to hit the Lakers from getting closer to this goal touches will, in addition, they may also by trading Pau Gasol, continue to hoard draft picks. So a group of people really have been disappearing at this stage. Bryant certainly did not play the 16th consecutive All-Star, but his years of hegemony Duncan, Kevin Garnett unsuccessful, no longer even a surprise. Last year at this time Bryant, still can be a ticket king, James still can cover twice. 5 days 4 games, the first game against Kevin Durant and his Thunder, then three away games, James tired as a dog just because of race harsh perhaps, or some more meaningful things begin to happen? During the two-game losing streak the Heat, James obtained a total of 42 cast 26 61 points, grabbed 12 rebounds, 12 assists and eight steals and two blocks. In fact, in recent years, NBA players, few people can like the 2012 James so tired from the lockout began last year, James first team won his first individual championship, less than two weeks and then report back to the U.S. Team, As one of the team leaders to help the U.S. REVIEW: Heat battle walkers, James distal disappear again, sending a fatal mistake not to miss 3 points, the final 1.8 seconds lore not vote, nearly 12 combat efficiency values ​​emperor lows campaign three quarters, scored 31 points and LeBron broken boom Pacers Jagged defense, but in the more critical Distal game, he was only five voted 2 7 points for Houston, the most critical two minutes, LeBron brought deadly mistakes, missed life-saving one-third, the last 1.8 seconds lore chance to face his even choose to pass again, rather than stand up to determine the winner. Beijing on March 27, 8384 loss to the Miami Heat away Indiana Pacers, in advance of this Eastern Conference finals preview, from the first minute to the last moment was filled with thick smoke, the field data is certainly the most dazzling scored 38 points, eight rebounds and five assists for LeBron James, the Miami Heat may be why so popular in his state of the case is still lost the game? The answer is only one word: margins. Distal weakness in the game, this is LeBron since March 3 against the Bobcats scored 61 points set a career record has not been rid of the problems, in addition to the game against the Trail Blazers hit outside the quasi-lore, all the rest of the game Le Brown distal bad performance can only be used to describe, before today's game nike free run 3 herre against the Pacers, the distal 11 consecutive field goal percentage was 38.2% 比赛里勒布朗 this data than his season shooting percentage rate of nearly 20 points.

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